A theatre play, a little dog hit by a car, a demonstration of ladies in their 80s on a war footing, a village ruled by women.LOLAS is not just a documentary; it is a tale of friendship, courage, love and joy of life.The LOLAS will make you laugh, cry, learn and, eventually, will steal your heart.



Participating in Lolas is not participating in any project. Lala, Gabriela, Eloísa, Ercilia and Angelita, 5 of the main characters, offer you a gift in exchange for your collaboration. Hit play and find out. Be part of Lolas and collaborate in its financing with this "cowfRAnding".


Appear in the credits

Gabriella’s Eggs + Preview Ticket

Snack with Lala and Ercilia + Preview ticket

Homemade cake of Gabriela + Preview Ticket + Appearance credits

Rosquetes of Angelita + Preview Ticket + Appearance Credits

Lala’s Chicken + Gabriela’s Eggs + Premiere ticket + Appearance Credits

Ercilia’s homemade liqueur + Gabriela’s eggs + Premiere ticket + Appearance Credits + Download copy

Tablecloth homemade by Eloísa + Snack with Lala and Ercilia + Ticket Premiere + Appearance Credits + Download Copy

After making the donation, send an email to with a screenshot where we can see the donation made and your contact details to send you the reward.