Documentary "LOLAS"

In this feature documentary, we find the deepest Spain of the 2th century, present today and reflected in a group of ladies who, in the late 80s, created an Association of Women in a particularly reactionary country. Not only did they get improvementsfor their village, Geneto, but they practically took the control of it.


The theatre play is the narrative channel through which they relate to each other. Twenty women over the age of 75, who are not actresses and have never been on stage, have less than a year to learn the role, become actresses for a day and pay tribute, in their own way, to Lola, the person who joined them together and offered them a way of life outside the kitchen.
The death of doña Gabriela's little dog, and the struggle to get a pavement so that a similar event does not happen again, is the channel to describe their most revolutionary side and to admire their unwavering love for their village.


LOLAS is approached as a work of docu-fiction. We place the characters in specific contexts and they react freely according to their personality. These situations, created after sharing a long time with the protagonists to understand their world, are the result of their own reality. We want the characters to experience comic, joyful, melodramatic moments and to represent them through their philosophy of life.