Our Objectives

Generate meeting spaces. The Magarza Women’s Association facilitates spaces for relationship and collaboration, based on respect and equality.

Community and cultural revitalization. We facilitate the socio-cultural and community development of the neighbourhood through cultural, educational and leisure activities.

Empowerment of women. We work to create awareness of the individual and group power of women who affect the socio-cultural life of the Barrio de San Bartolomé de Geneto.

Our Vision

The Magarza Women’s Association wants to be an entity where women share, together with men, the responsibility in decision-making, organization and management of cultural, social and community resources of the San Bartolomé de Geneto neighborhood. To reinforce the visibility of women, in a positive way, in the associative movement and in community work.

Our Mission

Magarza was born motivated by the need to create a forum of encounter between women, participative and collaborative, that reinforces the cultural, social and vindictive activity of San Bartolomé de Geneto.

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